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Tuxedos: Weddings Plus

Tuxedos: Weddings Plus

Just like flowers, selecting a tuxedo for your special event can seem like too much of a good thing. There are so many to choose from! Shelley and her team are always here to help you make your decision. You can narrow your choices by considering several factors.

Wedding Theme

What is the theme of your wedding? If it's an elegant, traditional affair, you'll probably want to go with classic black and white or gray and white. Some other options include:

  • vest or no vest?
  • bow tie or regular tie?
  • type of boutonniere

A classic-look tuxedo with a bow tie.

Another popular choice, with a long, or Windsor, tie and a vest.

If your wedding will be more casual, a popular trend right now are rustic weddings, including barn weddings. In this case, you could consider adding a brown tweed vest.

Or you can choose a stylish blue or navy tuxedo....

In warmer weather, casual outdoor weddings are very popular.

Wedding and Prom Colors

Whatever your wedding style, you’ll want to coordinate with your bride or your prom date. This can include:

  • vests
  • flowers
  • today’s fashion socks
  • colorful pocket square

And don’t forget your shoes! With so many fun and colorful options, your celebration will be festive and special!

Here are some fun examples of color coordination.

You can even choose camouflage as an accent for your wedding!

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